I made a very bad rookie mistake! Please help! I was reading on your blog to NEVER give out your personal number, but I already did.. to just one guy. He doesn't seem like a creep but idk. I'm super scared now and don't know what I should do...

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You’re fine. Deep breath. All sickness isn’t death and one guy knowing your personal number most likely won’t hurt anything. I wouldn’t, however, make it into a habit, but just this once will be ok. Just try to keep it positive- even if the arrangement ends to be safe.


Sugar Baby Shopping Tips : Credited to EastCoastSugar

Every sugar baby needs a good wardrobe so when a sugar daddy takes you shopping try to keep these in mind to get the most bang for your buck.

1) Your best friends are silk and cashmere:
I know it’s tempting to want to pick up the slinky polyester dress that is going to hug all of your curves but shop with his wallet as your budget and not yours. Silk and cashmere are timeless and luxurious…

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